Since funding 150+ founders and deploying tens of millions in venture capital, we’ve realized the most important next thing we need to do is to scale ourselves! We currently have a two-pizza remote team (can be fed with two large pizzas), but are planning to grow substantially in the next year or so. What is means is that we’ll need:

  • A cultural champion - someone that cares about people, reinforces our internal values, brings people together and supports them when it’s most needed.
  • A recruiting leader - someone that knows the ins and outs of what it takes to run efficient sourcing and vetting processes.
  • A leadership and growth advocate - to continuously push our team and provide resources and opportunities for personal growth.

Without this person, we won’t be able to build the firm and culture we want to be to continuously support our hundreds of founders we invest in. Our goal is to be the best place to work in all of SE Asia.

That’s where you come in. We need a scrappy, organized, and ambitious HR generalist who can also put in practice our initial recruiting processes and needs. You’ll work directly with Brian and Hsu Ken to develop initiatives to help our team internally be the best that they can be. If you love people, and love constantly find new ways for people to be better, you’ll love this role.

What You'll Do

  • Grow the team – We’d like to get from a <10 person team to at least 35 in a year with roles across the entire firm (investments, programs, marketing, software, community, finance, and more). Build the processes to support our hiring managers with sourcing, vetting, calls and interviews and make sure we’re bringing on high quality great people.
  • Maintain and improve our culture – We’re strong advocates of innovation and purposeful work with already defined values like “Iterate or Die”, and “Empathy is our competitive advantage”. Be the champion of these values and make them come to life and be integrated across our processes while improving on the parts that are unclear or needs improvement.
  • Drive learning, leadership, and growth – We care about and are willing to spend on personal growth. Take our budget and run with initiatives that will help our team become better leaders, managers, and team members. Make sure each person is better than their previous selfs year after year.
  • Own HR Ops – You’ll be the architect and builder of all our HR systems, including benefits, payroll, people policies, compensation, surveys, etc, while building on top of our 1:1’s, quarterly OKR process, 360 reviews, and anything else that you think can make a difference.
  • Engage the external community – Not enough work doing all of the above? We have hundreds of founders, venture partners, investors, and operators in our community that are clamoring for deeper relationships. Help us run events virtual or in-person to build these relationships for the long term. We’ve dreamed of doing an all-portfolio off-site in Bali for a while now. Maybe time to make it happen?

What You'll Bring

  • Passion for helping people grow through feedback, reflection, and learning.
  • Strong sense of ownership and bias towards execution.
  • Deeply curious and excited to learn
  • Systems builder. Strong leaning to make sure things are repeatable and processes are high quality.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills.
  • Comfortable in ambiguity, where you'll often need to write the playbook, rather than follow an existing one.
  • Love for building epic hiring experiences, even for the 95%+ of people we’ll end up passing on.
  • Thrives in a fast-paced, often scrappy, sometimes chaotic environment
  • Meticulously detail-oriented and organized
  • Experience working with external partners for pieces you’d want to outsource (recruiting, event vendors, legal, etc)
  • Previous experience designing and implementing people processes, onboarding, performance reviews, compensation reviews, legal and regulatory aspects of employment, etc.
  • Having worked at a startup previously is a major plus.

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