About Iterative

Iterative is an accelerator that invests exclusively in startups in Southeast Asia. Founded in March 2020 by Hsu Ken Ooi and Brian Ma, Iterative has raised $65M across 2 funds, invested in 65+ companies, 120+ founders and the total value of Iterative companies is now worth $1.2 billion.

Our investors include Cendana, K5 Global, Village Global, Goodwater Capital with participation from a large network of Silicon Valley founders and execs including Arash Ferdowsi (Dropbox), Achmad Zaky (Bukalapak), Andrew Chen (General partner a16z, Uber), Qasar Younis (Former COO YC, Applied Intuition), David Shim (Foursquare), Kum Hong Siew (Head of Airbnb Asia), Moses Lo (Founder, Xendit), and many more.

Iterative, as an organization, has 4 distinct functions and as a result, a team for each function.

  1. Recruiting – Find startups for Iterative to invest in
  2. Investments – Decide whether Iterative should invest in a startup
  3. Iterative Founders – Help the founders Iterative has invested in
  4. Support – Make Iterative a first class organization

Iterative is currently a team of 8 and growing quickly across each of these teams.

The Role

In this role, you will lead the Iterative Founders team. Your users are the founders Iterative has invested in. You will be measured by how many founders you have helped multiplied by how much you help them.

You will achieve this by executing and being responsible for two things, the Iterative Accelerator and building new programs, services and events that continue to help our founders after the accelerator.

The Iterative Accelerator is a 12 week program that’s hosted twice a year. The goal of the program is to make the startups significantly more valuable at the end of the program than they were at the beginning. Typically that means helping startups grow 5% to 7% weekly by helping them debug what’s keeping them from growing. There is no curriculum or classes. The program is designed for Iterative to work closely with founders on their startups.

You will be responsible for..

  • Improvements – Although the existing program works well, we’re always looking to make it better. You’ll be responsible for identifying, designing and implementing changes that make the program more helpful to founders.
  • Scale – In order to achieve our mission, we have to help more founders. We purposefully started with smaller batches (8 to 12) to make sure we got it right but are now ready to expand batches to 2x or 3x that number. The trick will be helping more founders without sacrificing the help each founder is getting from the program.
  • Execution – The program should be run efficiently and in a first class way. That means founders should know what’s happening, when it’s happening and what they need to do to prepare. If there are concerns or questions, we respond decisively and quickly.

In addition to the accelerator, you will also build new programs, services and events to help our founders after the accelerator. Things we have talked about doing include..

  • Series A Program – Similar to the accelerator program but focused on later stage startups.
  • Annual Founder Gathering – We would like to host an annual multiple day event that’s open to all of our founders. Primarily focused on increasing and deepening the number of connections within the community.
  • Support Functions as a Service – Founders often act as the CFO, Head of People, Talent Partner, etc. Although necessary, it often takes them away from focusing on the part of the business that’s unique. We have to build these capabilities at Iterative for our own purposes. Can we also make them available to our founders?

If you’ve been a founder, regardless of the result, and feel deeply about helping other founders, this is the role for you.

Who You Are

  • Product Development Process – Since our experience is building companies and products, we run Iterative in a similar way. It will be beneficial to have exposure to the product development process (requirements, sprints, etc.).
  • Metric Driven – Comfortable measuring the efficacy of all their initiatives. Iterative is a rigorous organization that is constantly evaluating whether we’re working on the right things and demands that we learn from everything we do.
  • Experience as a Manager – This role is a leadership position that will not only require you to be responsible for 1 of our 4 functions, you will be responsible for managing and developing a team of people with diverse experiences and expertise. We are looking for candidates with experience leading teams and being a manager.
  • Previous Founder – Ideally you’ve been a founder regardless of the result. We believe this is important because your job is to represent founders and being a founder is such a unique experience that unless you’ve been one, it will be difficult to fully empathize. It’s possible but would require above average curiosity and empathy.


  1. Iterate or Die – We take this literally. Ship early, get continuous feedback, and boldly experiment. If not the organization will die.
  2. Empathy is Our Competitive Advantage – Our success depends on our ability to empathize with other people in the organization and the community.
  3. Be Realistically Ambitious – The best strategy for making a big impact is to be realistic, have a plan and be ambitious.
  4. Responsibility is a Privilege, Not a Right – Being part of Iterative means being given responsibility for a part of our business. Be a good steward of that responsibility by being accountable, diligent and open-minded.